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Tips to Crack Legal interviews: A Complete Guide Tips to Crack Legal interviews: A Complete Guide

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rohan Kapoor Posted 18 Apr 2018
Tips to Crack Legal interviews: A Complete Guide

Be prepared

You should prepare for the basic interview questions. It will be better to make list of common questions asked during an interview such as self-introduction, interests, your hobbies, why should they hire you, etc. Practice them before the interview and try to make it interesting!

Research the company

An employer will easily appreciate whether you know anything about the organization. If you don’t know about the company, the employer would assume that either you blindly applied for the position or you didn’t even care to do your homework.

Be Punctual

For the interview you should reach the company on time. If you are late, then it might create a bad impression for interview. This is a significant step to create a good first impression.

Dos and don’ts during interview

Stay calm during the interview. And don’t be walking off from the topic when a question is asked. Share examples while answering the question and focus on the current position which you are applied. Don’t ask too much general questions or questions which you would already been told. Give full attention on the interviewer. Don’t try to bring your personal life in interview. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand the question. You should do a follow up with thanks note too interviewer.

Be confident

You should always look confident, no matter if you are nervous. If you are nervous it creates an impression of inability to handle situations in workplace.

Body Language

Body postures and body language have an important weightage in interviews. Try to sit straight and make eye contacts during interview.

Questions Ask During an Interview for a Legal Job

1. Why do you want to be a lawyer?

2. Why do you think you're suited to a career in the law?

3. Why did you choose this firm/organization over others?

4. If you couldn't work in the law, what would you be?

 5. What do you like most about this firm/practice group/organization?

6. What makes someone successful in this role?

 7.How is work distributed/how will I receive assignments?

8. What do you think you'll be doing during your first year at the firm?

9. Do you like working in a team?

10. Do you like working by yourself?

 11Tell me about a memorable case/deal/issue you worked on while working at this firm/organization.

12 How do you feel about long working hours?

13 What type of assignments do attorneys of my level typically work on?

 14. What are our strongest practice areas?

15. Which of our practice areas interest you and why?

 16. Who are our main competitors?

17 How will my work be evaluated? What kind of feedback can I expect to receive?

 18. What other law firms have you applied to, and why?

19. What are the biggest challenges facing the firm/organization right now?

20. How do you think the firm will grow in the next five years?


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